A novel acceleration model for AI innovation and social impact

Who Is It For

With the pan-Arab region in scope, Al Venture Labs' accelerator seeks mature, pre-Series A (post-seed) Al startups in the expansion phase, and that are on a mission to innovate in - or disrupt - specific industries, or that are even developing new technologies within the realm of Al science itself. The accelerator's goal is to support such startups in their growth through a unique, highly efficient approach.

Rationale and M.O.

We never believed in a one-size-fits-all acceleration process. We find traditional models to be ineffective, or sub-optimal at best. Armed with this mindset and a peerless network of mentors, industry veterans and staff/resource pool, we were able to develop and successfully implement a unique approach that was tried and tested successfully with multiple cohorts.
Our process begins with assessing the individual needs of qualified startups. A tailored acceleration plan is then put in place, and includes access to technology, markets, and development professional services and hands-on assistance by our dedicated teams.

Modus Operandi

For every startup we admit, a tailored acceleration plan is put in place, and it includes access to technology, markets, hands-on assistance and development services by our dedicated teams

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1. Equity-For-Services

Admitted startups receive up to $75,000 worth of development professional services. We work with them to get them to be investment-ready, and to create said investment opportunities.

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2. Free Office Space

AI Venture Labs will provide you with office space for the duration of the accelerator program.

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3. Go-to-Market Plan

We engage our extensive network of sellers and worldwide channel partners to get our startups' solutions into the hands of the world's top companies, enterprises and clients.

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4. Industry Labs

Our AI Startups will be empowered by our “Industry Labs”, leveraging our rich experience in implementing solutions in multiple verticals to let them experiment and build market-fitting AI solutions.

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5. Tech Product Benefits

Our qualified AI Startups get exclusive technology product benefits at up to a 25% discount from our partners, to help them scale more efficiently and rapidly.

AIVL Cohorts

We run two cohorts per year, with 10 AI startups per cohort
  • How to Apply
  • Cohort Program
  • Who Is Eligible

Submit the online application form with the following supporting documents:

  • A business plan
  • The CVs of the founders
  • A certificate of incorporation of the company (if available)

Assessment by Pre-Selection Committee

The pre-selection Committee will assess the application.

Interview by Selection Jury

Shortlisted applicants will undergo an interview process with a selection Jury that comprises AI Venture labs senior team members, executives from our technology partners, and venture capitalists (VCs).

Application Result

Successful applicants will be contacted, with an extended offer.

Ready to Change The World?

Apply now for a chance to join the next cohort. Your startup could be the next AI phenomenon