No Patent Search is Complete without Ambercite. Ambercite provides you with the innovative patent searching tools Ambercite Ai and Amberscope. Both can find patents missed by conventional searching, giving you greater confidence and quality in your results.


Traditional patent searching and landscaping is often based on keywords and patent class codes. While this can be a good starting point, it can be limited by inconsistencies and imprecision. We had first hand experience of the time lost and patents missed due to these limitations - and wanted a better answer. Our approach instead relies on the collective wisdom of patent professionals. Each patent citation is an expert opinion by a patent professional that two patents are similar - regardless of keywords or classifications codes. By applying smart algorithms to the 154 million patent citations in our database we can find the most similar and important patents in your area of interest. This approach can be used as a standalone tool or to extend and strengthen the results of traditional searching. Ambercite Ai and AmberScope are used all around the world for searches for patentability, invalidation, examination, patent licensing and valuation. Ask us about our free trials and demonstrations.


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