Railz provides a single API to all major accounting software (QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, etc.) service providers and enables on-demand access to financial transactions, analytics, insights and reports on Small Business customers. Our solution suits any lender, financial institution, accounting firm, auditor and tech developer that requires financial data on its Small Business customer for the purpose of reviewing a credit application or assessing the financial health of a business.


Our Data as a Service solution allows our customers to be up and running in hours. We provide quick, Low Cost and direct access to both your existing and new customers accounting software via our single API. With Railz, we make things easy for you. • No need to modify your business operations, tech infrastructure or workflow process. • No need to switch from your current ERP. • No need to rely on third-party data storage or off-premise software. Setup is quick and non-invasive. One API gets you up and running quickly.… From our previous experiences in the Small Business lending space we noticed that FI's spend most of their time on data collection and analysis when making loan or capital decisions. We were inspired to solve this problem by building a solution that would automate the data collection and analysis process so that accounting data could be used for real-time decision-making. We built an accounting data API to solve this, reducing FI decision-making time on loans by 20x vs. the traditional lending process. We are on a mission to provide our accounting API Data as a Service solution, supported by our Machine Learning applications, for everyone in order to expand our focus beyond banking to every business that could benefit from having real-time accounting data on their Small Business customers.


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