Life Expander A.I.

Responsible AI-Based Integrated Prediction in Neuro-Imaging for Neurodegenerative Diseases ISV.


Even though so many businesses in various industries are under so much pressure, we, on the other hand, are making progress because the healthcare system needs us now, more than ever. Based on a fraction of our vast Market Intelligence research, currently, over two-thirds of the world’s population doesn’t have access to basic radiology services and we aim to relieve this chronic pain for good, among so many others. Introduction: We are an early-stage and self-funded Healthtech startup. Our area of expertise is “Integrated Prediction in Medical Imaging via the utilization of Responsible A.I.”   Our Mission and Vision:   1. Mission Statement:   To prevent all unintentional medical imaging misdiagnoses for every individual before the consequences become critical so that we can expand the peopleʼs life span.   2. Vision Highlights:   We envision a world in which not even a single life span is affected by medical uncertainties and lack of super-accurate and explainable predictive insights via:   - A subtle refinement of conventional clinical pathways and workflows to dramatically reduce radiologists’ increasing workload.   - Leveraging our technologies to empower radiologists with super precise and efficient assistance in the detection of all upcoming health issues as well as containing them effectively if they are already in a crucial state.   We will deliver our promises with our unique strategy, which is based on practical market data/insights as we are in collaboration with some of the best Market Intelligence Agencies and Business Consulting Firms on the planet as well as a top-notch board of advisors.   Conclusion:   Life Expander A.I. is an independent medical imaging enhancement, diagnosis, prediction, and prescription service vendor (ISV).


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