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Did you know that Radiologists worldwide, especially in the UAE, are experiencing exhaustion, stress, and depression due to their increasing workload, which, ultimately, leads to mistreatments, re-admissions, and many more? We BELIEVE Deep Inside that we can ease their pain for good via our solutions. Our company Life Expander A.I. is developing an intelligent Web-based Panel that helps Neurodegenerative disorder experts diagnose more accurately and efficiently via Advanced MRI analysis to prevent unintentional misdiagnoses. We know that the MI Market-Size in the UAE alone will reach 1.2 billion dollars by the end of 2023, out of which 25.6% is dedicated to Neurology. We will deliver our customizable services to the Healthcare Community through administrative professionals in the private sector for the long-term and public sector in the short-term. Unlike our competitors, we will gain Radiologists' trust by providing human-understandable decision-making visualizations. We are also offering flexible Business Models such as fee-per-study and subscription licensing plans based on our client's size and demand.


Who We Are: We are a pre-revenue stage and self-funded Healthtech startup. Our expertise is 'Integrated Prediction and Prescription in Medical Imaging via the utilization of Responsible AI.' We cover Neurodegenerative Disorders like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, as well as Traumatic Brain Injuries and Cerebrovascular Accidents. Our primary target market is the UAE. Our Mission and Vision: 1. Mission Statement: To prevent all unintentional medical imaging errors and biases alongside radiologists before the consequences become critical so that we can: ‣ Expand peopleʼs lives. ‣ Increase healthcare quality. ‣ Decrease government's wasted healthcare expenditure. 2. Vision Highlights: We envision a world where not even a single life span is affected by medical uncertainties caused by the lack of in-depth, connected, perpetual, and human-interpretable predictive insights via: ‣ Subtle and intelligent improvement of conventional workflows to significantly reduce radiologists' increasing workload. ‣ Leveraging our technologies to empower radiologists with more precise and efficient assistance in detecting all upcoming health issues and containing them effectively if they are already in a crucial state. Our Approach: We have a unique strategic, service design, and technological approach founded on practical market insights, intensive R&D, and factual pain points. We also collaborate with some of the best Market Intelligence Agencies, Business Consulting Firms, and a top-notch technical and medical advisors board.


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