We help organizations improve productivity, even when teams work remotely, including WFH. We understand the intricacies of attaining peak performance through our deep expertise in HR. This is codified in our app, offering performance management, recognition and employee engagement in one integrated platform. WeSoar is built for the networked organization where teams collaborate outside the formal hierarchy and allows managers to manage teams in the normal flow of work, using an agile AI-driven framework. Thoughtful nudges help change behaviour in meaningful ways enabling teams to win together.


Our enterprise productivity app keeps teams engaged to achieve high levels of performance through collaboration, even when they are remote. Managers are enabled to stimulate effective teamwork, hit targets and support career development with efficiency. Employees set clear and meaningful goals and tasks, leverage peer-to-peer networking to raise motivation and guide high performance. Real-time dashboards for senior leadership enable data-driven decisions and people management. We do this by recreating cumbersome HR processes from scratch. Our four pillars of neuroscience, behavioural economics, positive psychology and AI help us reimagine HR processes for the new-age organizations, which operate as networks rather than hierarchies, are social entities that want to foster collaboration and become agile. We also use consumer-grade user experience to redefine how employees and managers engage with HR processes in a simple and intuitive platform. We call it the Netflix of HR!


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