Whenwhyhow listed as a Gartner Cool Vendor in CRM Customer Service & Support Whenwhyhow provides a Customer Mindset Analytics platform to understand better the enterprise customer or end-users and provide personalization tips, mainly for Chatbot emerging enterprise-customer channel. Whenwhyhow transforms customer behaviour knowledge into #DigitalEmpathy easy to use and integrate with whatever digital channels (conversational or not)


Our customer data platform (CDP) uses a myriad of data sources are combined with enterprise self-defined (using a web-based tool) data models and standardized APIs to feed the data. The idea is to focus in the of "non-sensitive"? data to offer a solution to improve interactions with the customer care. A hand-tailored product for big brands needing to be careful with the data management and leaving the direct API use of the messaging client to the client to ensure conversational privacy.


  • Information Technology

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