Artivatic empowers healthcare, insurance, broker & re-insurance businesses and developers to re-imagine insurance & health products for the next billion users. We at Artivatic are constantly building low-cost, modular API infrastructure so that businesses /hospitals can go live in a matter of days, not months.


Artivatic is developing its proprietary cutting-edge solutions to enable enterprises for 1 Billion people to get access to insurance, financial and health benefits with alternative data sources to increase their productivity, efficiency, automation power, and profitability, hence improving their way of doing business more intelligently seamlessly.  Artivatic offers insurance patient profiling, patient platform, hospital solutions, medical digitization, medical billing & payout, underwriting, distribution, sales, agent efficiency, enabling branches /offices to go digital, fraud, prediction, personalization, recommendation, risk profiling, consumer profiling intelligence, KYC Automation & Compliance, automated decisions, monitoring, claims processing, sentiment/psychology behaviour, auto insurance claims, travel insurance, disease prediction, device based health profiling, wellness, APIs, and more. It enables businesses to have in-depth multi source data focused intelligence & decisions. Our Pilots have demonstrated more than 50% of efficiency, 90% reduction in turnaround time, 80% better fraud identification, 70% less cost reduction, more than 60% consumer engagement, more than 40% better risk delinquencies identification and intelligence in near real time.


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